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MSD Blaster SS Coil Install

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I recently installed a Blaster SS Coil by MSD on my Gen 3 5S-FE. Sofar she runs pretty good, a huge noticable difference since i replaced the main wire from the coil to the distributor, the sparkplug boots and wires, and also new sparkplugs. Here was the parts list.

Blaster SS Coil, PN: 8207 - 55$
NGK Iridium IX SparkPlugs (.044 Gap) - PN: BKR6EIX-11 SN: 7364 - 34$
NGK Wire Set - PN: TE62 - 40$
8"x8" Piece Of Sheet Metal - Scrap = Free

Total: 130$

Tools Needed
Wire Stripper
Wire Crimper
Assorted Titanium Drill Bits
A way to Cut/Bend Sheet Metal (Tin Snips, Dremel, Wrench)

All you prettymuch need to do for this install is know electral stuff. Basically, how not to zap the crap out of yourself on a Loaded 44,000 Volt Coil ^_^ Itl be abit tingely, i guarontee it. For saftey Measures, disconnect the battery terminal. Negative 1st, then when putting it back on, negative last.

Other than that, it was an easy install, took 45 Min, *Took me an hour since one of the plugs was stuck and i was being gentle with it* Basically all you do is remove the old coil, it has 2 wires going to it, if you like cut these, or do what i did and salvage the connector incase you need to remove the coil easily later. Your going to have to remount the (Iono wat it is but it looked like an ECU or a ICU for the engine) little silver/grey box next to the original coil also. Also, so it looks abit more stock i kryloned the sheet metal black ^_^. Pictures to come.
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