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Last weekend I finally got around to installing the mud flaps that I’ve had sitting on my workbench. I had bought these $20 specials from Watchage222 on eBay in March. They are a lightweight black plastic. Though they seem to have a good structure, they do flex easily and will, I suspect leave a crease if bent too much. But, for $20 what do you expect.

The fit is pretty good, but not perfect as you can see from the pictures. Let me know if you have trouble access in the pictures in Dropbox.

I began by mounting the flaps using the existing screws that would be reused. There is one up underneath for each corner and one in the front wheel well.

Holding the flaps tightly to the body, I used whiteout to mark the holes; one on the front and 3 on the back.

I used an awl to tap a small guide hole in the center of the mark. A nail will do just as well.

I drilled holes of the correct size for the clips I used, that is slightly small to provide a tight fit; one in the front and 3 in the rear. For the top hole in the rear I learned that I needed to drill the hole about a 1/16th an inch inboard of the mark. This is because the holes in the flaps are larger than the screws that will go through them and the play will allow the top of the flap to separate from the body leaving a gap. See picture of RR flap.

The front flap already has the upper clip/screw in the correct place, so only one additional clip/screw was needed. The inserted part of the front clips I chose are square, so I used a small rasp file to square out the hole slightly and a hammer the tap in the clip to fit.

The rear flaps were slightly more problematic because the rear fender liner is a fibrous material that is difficult to make a hole in. The backside of the fender liner is accessible so that you can guide and push the clips through the plastic fender lip and the liner. There is a metal cross brace on the right rear that may necessitate using a shorter clip or shortening the clip.

Bolt it all up, but be sure not to over-tighten and strip out the plastic.

At the time of the install I thought that the flaps looked good, but after a week, I don’t notice them too much and I haven’t been able to tell if they are effective at keeping road grime off the car. Fortunately, if I decide to remove the flaps, the screws with cover the holes nicely.

Parts used:
Front flaps
2- Grommet Screw clips from Toyota – Toyota #90189-A0002 (screws not included)

2- 10 X ¾” black trim metal screws with washers from Pep Boys – Hillman #882640

Rear flaps
6- ¼” nylon rivets from Pep Boys – Dorman #961-045 and 961-050. These are assortment packs. Use the larger clips. The supplied screws are plastic. These may work, but I could see replacing them with metal black trim screws.

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