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Mud Flaps

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Regarding mud flaps on 05 Avalon(black), does anyone one know what might look better and perform better, Toyota mud flaps or after-market mud flaps? I found some after-market flaps, but they would have to trim them to put them on? There doesn't seem to be too much selection for after-market. Also. if you know any places to look?

Thanks Jerry
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Why not go with the Toyota pre-painted ones? The fit perfectly, the paint matches perfectly and seem to last very well. I've got over 50k miles on mine now and they still look great! I got mine from Right now they're on sale at $37.54 per set (F & R).
Thanks Tom,
I looked at the website and saw them. Then I was trying to decide between the painted or non-painted after I had posted the question earlier. I guess the painted would look better?

You told me about that web site before, regarding my floor mats. The prices are great and the mats are perfect. Good tip!

To go with the painted ones or the black rubber ones is a matter of personal preference. I went with the painted ones because they blend better with the rest of the car - I've also got the factory painted trunk lip spoiler. Here a shot of the car (although the splash guards do not show that well):

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Very Nice Tom! I noticed the spoiler right away. I would get that and the wind deflector for the sunroof, but it's my parents car. I went with the painted black mud flaps, as you suggested. That should look better. I found an auto shop that specializes in after-market car work to put the flaps on for $60.

The Toyota dealer in South Jersey wanted to charge me $88 just for the unpainted set of black flaps. They were $52 at Trdparts4u. As you know I went for the painted flaps. They also wanted to charge an additional $114 for installation. Crazy!!!!!

We also have to get the back bumper filled with some patch stuff. Someone bang into it in some parking lot and chipped it.

After all that, I'm going to get the car an exterior detail with a new wax job. I'm trying to get my parents to always get the car handwashed.

I love the side view of these Avalons.

Tom in Tacoma- your car looks awesome!

Looking at the picture has made up my mind about not getting the body side moldings!

Thanks! Wanna trade the Buick? ;-)
Thanks! Wanna trade the Buick? ;-)
No way!

It took me seventeen years to convince my wife to let me buy one!

Installing splash guards?

Are these things hard to install. Am I better off taking it to a shop? I am ordering the painted ones like the person above did.
Are these things hard to install. Am I better off taking it to a shop? I am ordering the painted ones like the person above did.
No, not at all.

You'll need a drill (used as a powered screwdriver, not a drill) and I'd recommend removing the rear wheels so you can get straight at the screws with the drill. To do the front ones you only need to turn the wheels out of the way and screw them into the plastic.

You'll be amazed at how easy they are to install.
Do you know if the places for the screws are marked on the flaps, and do the screws come with the flaps?

I guess I will call them tomorrow and ask.
The flaps have holes in them already. Screws come with the kit if I remember correctly.
How does your spoiler attach to the trunk ld;bolts or 3M tape.Looks great;got to have one.
How does your spoiler attach to the trunk ld;bolts or 3M tape.Looks great;got to have one.
Both actually. There's two holes that need to be drilled, beneath the left and right sides of the spoiler. Two bolts go up through the trunk lid into the spoiler. The rest of the spoiler is held in place with double-sided foam tape. I think Toyota ships a template for drilling the holes (I didn't install mine - the dealer did before I picked it up).
FYI...I got my splash gaurds, pre-painted ones, yesterday and my son and I installed them. Easy. The hardest part was jacking up the back of the car to remove and replace the wheels. Less than an hour and we were done.

Thanks for everyone's help.

Thanks for the comeback.Saw some on ebay from Toyota Southeast already painted for $82 and shipping;and when I inquired as to installation,they said 3M tape.I could just see that coming off at triple digits.Thanks again.
Just ordered ours from Toyota of Dallas. $79.78 including shipping. Will let you know for sure if the installation hardware comes with them once they arrive. Still planning on doing the pre-painted spoiler too, but the shipping from Dallas was almost $50 so I plan to see what the cost is through the local dealer.
That's where I bought mine too. All hardware and instructions come with them. Great value.
Hardware size

My mudflaps from TOD arrived yesterday afternoon, and no hardware. :confused: I do not want to use anything with too small of a head that the mudflap pulls the plastic over / through the screw head. Can anyone tell me the size of the screws that came with yours and roughly how big the head of the screw is? I am thinking typical body panel hardware has about a 1/2 inch washer built into the head of the screw and that I should be able to pick something like this up locally, but I figured I would ask the experts. I also e-mailed TOD to see if they could send the hardware out, but since it is a Holiday weekend, I may just head to my local hardware store.

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