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1153 Views 4 Replies 5 Participants Last post by  falnfenix guys know where i can get a set of mudguards for a 05 rolla s other than the dealer???dealers charge way too much and i know i won't be able to get just any after market for the s because of the body kit...thanks in advance...
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Just go to Pep Boys I'm pretty sure they have a pair out there for your car. Here's and idea: buy a blank pair that fits your car get some decals that say "FWD" slap em' on the mudflaps, install them and your ready to go!

Here's my 20 year old mudflaps I just picked up:

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You put those trueno decals on yourself? If so... nice job! If not, well, they look good anyway!
Hummm...will mud guards fit on an 05 Corolla S or XRS?

I seem to remember someone saying that the stock ground effects kit prevents from installing mud guards.

Check with Toyota Corporate??
they won't fit because of the rear lips. i had to remove mine off my 01 to install the rear lips.
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