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Muffled SCREAMS!

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Today me and my baby camry had the most awful experience.

Not too long ago I bought a magnaflow #14815 muffler and I finally took my car to the shop to have it installed. Four hours later, and my car is purring like a tiger. Yes, I said FOUR HOURS!

It all began last week. I got to the muffler shop and the guy tells me that they are out of aluminized hangers, and don't carry stainless steel so I'll have to get my own. I go to magnaflow's website, look up the part number for the 3/8" hangers and order a pair. I get them yesterday and take them to the shop.

He cuts the additional piping and all that good stuff, all is going well until it comes to the hangers. It takes him an entire hour to weld one hanger onto the muffler. He then mounts it into the rubber thingy and says, "Looks good don't it?" Then he shakes it from left to right and the hanger breaks off.

Another half an hour and it's back on again. He then proceeds to, wait...are you ready? He takes out a can of silver spray paint and begins to spray my mirror finish, 140 dollar, stainless steel muffler!!! My mouth drops and I am too shocked to say anything. He then looks at me and tells me it's to cover up the now black and gray spot on my muffler where he attempted to hang it. Damn. I then say, "I don't mean to bitch but uhm, it's not even aligned straight." Within another hour, the hanger breaks back off, he then puts on this rusty old metal rod that is used to make the foundations for houses because he says that my hanger is "made out of a weird metal and won't work", and also attempts to straighten the muffler.

The job is finally done. Four hours later and my car is purring. I, on the other hand, want to scream my fucking lungs out. It's the only muffler shop on the island so I had no choice although I probably could have done a better job with a box of matches and a can of hair spray. *sigh*

Sorry for the long post guys, but I needed to vent.

Now with pics:

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damn that suxs,atleast ur happy now

any pics??
One muffler shop? Someone should move down there and put him out of business with a good, quality shop.
wow...that sucks....don't you guys have like, a speedy, or a midaas or something like that on the island??
Nope. We don't have any of those stores. That's one of the bad things about living on an island like this. We have some of the best beaches in the world and perfect weather, but no respectable car shops. And how can you call this paradise without a perfect car shop?!!?

By the way, does anyone know how to remove overspray (spray paint) from the metal under my on my muffler etc? Can it come off?
Since your muffler is stainless steel you can just polish it off with stainless polish.

Green Dragon said:
One muffler shop? Someone should move down there and put him out of business with a good, quality shop.
Retirement here I come!
Ha ha. Yeah, the island has a lot of fixed up cars but there aren't really any high caliber stores to deal with, especially since most people drive accords and civics and just slap any aftermarket garbage on their cars. Those are the type of guys who don't care if someone drops their muffler on the floor or leaves greasy finger prints all over their interior etc. They just want the NOS!!! CAI bypass valve? They don't need no stinkin' bypass valve. They too gangsta to worry about hydrolock!

Ps. Thanks for the advice on how to get the paint off the muffler. Now does anyone know how to get it off of the metal underbody parts?
you can use brake cleaner to get it off the metal parts if those metal parts don't have any of the car's body paint on them...

you gotta be careful using brake cleaner eats through paint like no tommorrow...

^ thanks, i'll try that.
^ its in his first post man.

that sux, i woulda gone nuts and told him to get the hell away from my car... if there was another shop. well at least the drama is behind ya man. post some pics sometime!
well, yesterday i got my first compliment on my muffler:

"god! you're muffler is obnoxious!"

yep, i was elated when i heard this. /sarcasm.

i think it might be a little too loud. although it's no where as loud as a lot of the other cars i hear around here with cheap ass 30 dollar exhausts and no cat, i would love my car to be a little bit quieter.

now i've heard that installing a bigger resonator might help. is this true? if so, what size is the stock one and what size should i get? how much difference would it make? i got a 2000 camry, I4.


oh yeah, pics and a sound clip coming tomorrow...
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