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muffler choice

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ok fellas here it goes. 97 ce 2.2 5 speed. recently got an obx header. plan on installing cat with it an keeping resonater. i see a bunch of u guys run magnaflow mufflers. what model muffler do you run. and or is there a cheaper muffler out there that looks and sounds good to? thanx for the input.
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choose a model # that offers the look you like

most of the double-walled mufflers will have similar sounds, so its really a matter of aesthetics

i would recommend any of the 6x8 oval mufflers
how about a magnaflow 14832. gonna be running a body kit with the usual wide cutout. think this muffler will look good in there?
that would probably be fine .... pretty discreet

if youre running a body kit, it might tuck behind the bumper tho
that will look pretty good. definatly tuck the tip a little, that always looks better.:thumbup:
ill sell u my brand new trd muffler for $390 :D
sounds tempting bro but im more in the 50 to 100 dollar price range. car is just going to be a daily driver and the muscle car in the garage gets the really fancy stuff :)
1. what muscle car?

2. one of thoes magnaflow tipped mufflers is expensive, i got mine for 150 and that was a good deal.
I'm trying to sell 2 oval Magnaflows. They're used but let me know if you're interested.
1970 chevy monte carlo.
corvette rally wheels
black vinyl top and interior
bright ass yellow paint
406 small block
12 bolt posi
3 inch dual exhaust with H pipe into vortec mufflers with 2.5 outlets
wow thats a very similar list to the car i had(not a monte). post up some pics of that bad boy in teh show and share section when ya get a chance.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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