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Music Cuts Off When Played Too Loud

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Ok...I have a Stinger SP1000 battery, 1 Farad Lighting Audio Cap, Stinger 4 awg all around with a RF1001bd & RF551x.

When I had the 1001bd alone, I can go up to volume 20 with no prob. Since I've added to 551x, if I play 20 for 5 minutes, my circuit breaker will trip (no more power). The amps are never hot to the touch, luke warm if anything. So why is the circuit breaker tripping, its 160A rated.
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check the impedenace on the subs.
check impedance and did you upgrade the big 3, that could be your problem as well.
Make sure the wires are not touching. That's one of the main reasons for this. Do you any speakers branched off of one wire? This caused "cutout" in my friends speakers.
Upgraded my grounds with Stinger 8 gauge and 4 gauge, upgraded battery, but not alternator power wire. That wire goes all around the engine, too complicated to upgrade.

The 1001bd is a 2 Ohm amp in which I have 2 L7's 2ohm DVC wired into a 2Ohm load as per Kicker's website. When I had the 1001bd alone, this never happened. Its now that I added the 551x that the fuse will trip, but only after volume 20. I can run the radio at 15 all the time with no problem. No wires spliced off each other, all loomed up and shielded against any grounding. I am dumbfounded.
Get a mutlimeter and check our voltage when the amp starts to cut out, might be your alt can not supply the voltage of the added amp. Check you voltage when you start your car, then check when amp starts to shut off, is it the same? Or did it drop below 11V, many amps will go into protect if they dont get the juice they need.
How much power are you running off the 4 awg wiring and over what distance are you running?

As everyone else has mentioned it sounds like you're running out of power. Check your alt and make sure you're running the appropriate size power wire.
Same thing happens to my CD Player in my Trooper. Well the problem for that is because of the wiring in the back of the player. I'm too lazy to re wire them over.
one of your speakers could partially be blown or your headunit cant handle all the power(not enough amps)cause my system does the same thing and my friend who works at a stereo store said that what was wrong with mine
I have a digital read out cap and I get 13.9V consistently, it might drop to 13.0 when the bass hits hard. But the thing thats getting me is that its not the amps going into protection mode, its my main circuit breaker in the engine that cuts off, therefore the amps turn off. I'm going to make sure that all the connections are not getting pinched anyway again, maybe by a seat bracket or something and get an ohm tester to check each channel on my amp. But its still happening...
Do you have a different amp you can switch out, might be bad, but you would have to try a different amp to find out.
Yea I'll try that. My boy has the same amp.
What are the maximum fuse raitings on the amps you are running?
100A for the bass, 50A for the Volume
my boy had the same problem, it turned out one of his speakers was messed up so it didnt stay at a constant 4 ohms so it would draw too much power and trip the breaker.
I have a rockford 1500bd that goes into protect mode. I took it to the audio shop and they put a meter on it. The amp seemed to be shutting off when it got to around ll-10.5 volts. What could my problem be...I am running a 60amp fuse on stock alternator and battery.. I already ordered an anl fuse holder with a 200amp fuse and thats on the way...Has anyone done the big 3 in a camry gen 3...
Did you switch the amp out yet?
Rather than doing that, I realized that my breaker was a no frills brand called Raptor, I bought a stinger breaker 150A and it hasnt happened at all. I went top of the line with everything else and not the breaker. So thats that...thanks for all the responses and advice.
yeah it's something to do with resistance.
are you really sure the amp does 2 ohm mono, or 2ohm stereo. The reason being is that alot of amp manufactures addvertise that they do 2ohms but in the specs sheet they probalily say 2 ohm stereo I would make sure
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