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Being a seller, buyer and having done trades online for over 15 years, I thought I would share my knowledge and general guideline when it comes to sales/trades. Obviously, no one wants to get ripped off and we don't condone it on TN either. Please apply these rule of thumb when you're dealing with a transaction.

  1. Be aware of Western Union. This method of payment is what scammers usually use to pay.
  2. If receiving a check or money order, deposit payment and wait for it to clear before sending out item. It can take 3-5 business days to clear.
  3. Do not let the buyer rush you. If you send out item before payment clears and it bounces, not only do you get hit with a fee but you just lost your product as well.
  4. If receiving payment via PayPal, ship to confirmed address. If you ship to an unconfirmed address, you will not be protected by PayPal.
  5. Ship ALL packages with a tracking number.
  6. For expensive items, in addition to tracking number, its suggested that you include insurance in case it gets lost or damaged during shipment.
  7. Package items well with bubble wrap, old newspapers, packing peanuts or whatever you can find to prevent damage in the mail.
  8. If you have feedback references from other sites such as eBay or forums, include it with your listing.
  9. If handling transaction in person, be sure to bring a friend with you and meet in a public area.
  10. You do NOT want to be on the Blacklist!!
  1. If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. Be careful.
  2. Ask for reference such as other sites they have sold products, eBay feedback or other similar sites.
  3. Always keep email conversations and proof of payment such as PayPal, money order stub or check number.
  4. If you sent a USPS Postal Money Order and something goes wrong, you have the Postal Service right there to pursue any criminal activities such as mail fraud, etc.
  5. Ask for pictures of item and any detail/condition of item. You do not get to see it so get as much information as possible. If seller wants a sale and they know you're serious, they'll get you the info you need. If they do not, its not worth it.
  6. It's always good to ask what shipping method is being used.
  7. Ask for tracking number so you know when its sent and its delivered.
  8. If handling transaction in person, be sure to bring a friend with you and meet in a public area.
  9. If dealing in person, check all items and ask any last minute questions before handing money over and completing deal.
  10. If you do not receive any email responses or package within 7-14 days, follow steps in Mail Fraud FAQ.
If anyone runs into any problems or feel they got ripped off, check out my Mail Fraud FAQ.

If there are more information, it will be added.

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Advice for buyers and sellers

Two additional pieces of advice for buyers and sellers alike. These are not official Toyota Nation positions but rather my own personal advice.

First is to send/receive payment via USPS (United States Postal Service) money order if at all possible. USPS money orders are available not only for domestic use but also for overseas purchases. When you purchase via USPS money orders you have the weight of the United States federal government behind you, and if anything should go wrong with your purchase/sale the USPS can verify whether the money order has been cashed and by whom, and they can and will prosecute for theft, mail fraud, and any number of other felonies that may be applicable to any individual sale gone bad. In the end, USPS postal inspectors will do almost all of the leg work involved in tracking down and dealing with the unscrupulous buyer/seller you have dealt with, and save you lots of time and headaches seeking justice for yourself.

Second word of advice is (for U.S. purchases) always send the product (or ask for it to be sent to you) via Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested. What that does for you is the item is always, literally under lock and key while it is in transport to the other party and is therefore extremely well monitored and tracked, and in that way no one can say they didn’t receive the item in question. Also, because items are under lock and key the insurance paid is much, much lower than if the package is sent First Class, Priority, or any other method. Return Receipt guarantees that the person who signed for the package is identified, and that the sender is notified when delivery has been completed.

USPS money orders and Registered Mail are two simple methods that go a huge way to making deals and purchases with a lot of confidence and ease. Give them a try for peace of mind. :thumbsup:
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