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SO my 1991 X8 with a 7MGE had a CEL with an EGR code for some time, still ran fine so i didnt get in a hurry to change it. However today while driving my car started sputtering like it was going to die. When it would bog down the CEL would go off, then come back on when power would restore. Finally, it died altogether and the battery light came on, and the car will not fire up. It turns over but will not start.

Now even when key is just on and not trying to start i have NO CEL, so i cant pull codes.
All Fuses are good.
Battery is good.

If the alternator is shot, would that disable the CEL from turning on altogether? Has anyone had this issue before?

Any help is appreciated.



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a bad alternator, depending on how it fails, can fry the ECU which is what controls the CEL. if you have 12v and no CEL on startup, the ECU is where I'd start troubleshoting.

What cause do you have to suspect a failed alternator? That's pretty easy to troubleshoot.
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