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Well since my last postings and no advice we took a small cold chisel in between the gear spigot and the driveshaft diff end and applied pressure with a pry bar at the same time to the diff input end and it finally popped out. By the way 3 qualified mechanics and myself, the "Bush mechanic" had tried all options at this point in time.

So for all you amateurs and proffessionals out there, here is what the problem was!

The reconditioned driveshafts were bought from an outfit in Edmonton and after removing the troublesome driveshaft I found that during reconditioning they had sandblasted the old driveshaft with the casing of the old oil seal from the diff. still on it.

This reduced the clearance on the input to the diff. and caused the C clip to remain expanded at the end of the splines making it extremely difficult to remove due to it not decompressing enough. I checked the other reconditioned driveshaft and found the same situation,consequently I removed the old seal casing prior to inserting this one to save myself grief!

Needless to say I will be writing a nice letter to "Tarani" rebuilders inc. to let them know of my 3 weeks of aggravation caused by their lack of quality control on rebuilt components sold to the public.

If I am lucky I might get a response and if I get really lucky they may apologise and send me a spare set of driveshafts.

Wish me luck,I need some.

Now I am motoring again!
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