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Ok i drove the car home yesterday and it was working fine i get into it this morning and nothing no pressure on the clutch what so ever my neighbor who is in to cars said that it might be the pressure plate that was pushed in to something or another. Don't get me wrong i am into cars too i just don't know that much about the 5 speed tranny in the car.

So my question to you is what do you think is wrong and what are some possible solutions to fixing this a new clutch or ......

Also to install all of this do i have to take out the engine or can i just jack it up to take the tranny out. Again i am not that familiar with 4cyl let alone a mid engine car.

So any websights, instighful information, Suggestions, comments, or whatever i just need help i leave for college on thur the 19th so i don't have a lot of time here so any help would be greatly appericated.

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the problem is either the clutch master cylinder or the slave cylinder.

Pop the front hood and see if the fluid is low in the clutch reservour. Look undernerath the carpet near the clutch and see if the floor is wet of clutch fluid. If it is then it is the master cylinder in the front.

It is also very likely that the problem could be the slave cylinder. It is at the back of the tranny. The parts are cheap and it is best to change both because they have a habit of dying at the same time.

It will take some time to bleed the air out of the clutch lines, but that is what having a midengine car is all about.

good luck,

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