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1987 Toyota 4X4
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Hello all,

Im new to the board, just purchased an 87 4x4 Pick up. I bought it as is with a known carberatur we installed a reman'd carburater and new plugs, filters etc....

the engine is running fine while driving and isnt stalling out like it was before (b4 we switched carbs it was running lean and rough) is running fine and idling ok, but the idle is very high, it sounds like its idling at 13 or 1500 RPMs...

We have adjusted the carb screw and it doesnt seem to change it at all...we havent messed with the mixture settings on the carb...although considering the state that this remanufactured carb was in (springs loose...not lubricated etc...) I wouldnt be surprised if the mixture settings werent factory set...

So im looking for any ideas before I take my Pup into the shop and say "Duh?"...heh heh...

Thanks in advance for any help....cheers all!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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