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Hi everyone, I'm not really too big into forums, but I figured this would be a good place to dump all of my progress pictures and info about my current build.

I originally became interested in Cressida's when I saw one of my good friends 1JZ swap, then later LS swap his MX73.
That being said, I purchased a 1988 Cressida located on Long Island for $400 after browsing craigslist for a while on July 30, 2016. the first thing I did was pull the motor and trans out, and have it hauled away to a scrap yard.

A good friend of mine by the name of Sean Lyddy who has been a performance fabricator for longer than I've been alive decided to take on the project. Fortunately enough, the shop he works out of is only 1 mile from my house. I purchased a JDM Aristo 2JZGTE from an import company through eBay on August 23. So as I waited for the shop to free up some space I did as much prep work and parts purchasing as I could.

As late October came around, the car was ready to head to the shop. Sean is the only person that works at this shop, so all the work being done is by Sean and I, along with the help of several mutual friends. Everything so far has gone smooth as of now, until we came to the rear end of the car. Knowing all too well that the rear end of these MX73's are extremely fragile to say the least, we came up with some interesting inventions for the rear end. We decided to use an independent rear end out of a 2005 Ford Explorer and put an LSD in it. Sean uses these rear ends in all of the race cars he builds, he uses the solid rear ends for the drag cars, and the independent rears for the track/street cars.

I'm sure by now you're tired of reading this, so on with all of the progress pictures I have thus far. I'll be posting more progress pictures on Instagram when I get the chance, My username is @timbo_xslice

Thanks for looking!

20160818_171520 by Tim Mascaro, on Flickr

image-20161118_203112 by Tim Mascaro, on Flickr

20161215_164529 by Tim Mascaro, on Flickr

20161105_184707 by Tim Mascaro, on Flickr

20161219_190414 by Tim Mascaro, on Flickr

20161220_164800 by Tim Mascaro, on Flickr

Screenshot_20161229-182035 by Tim Mascaro, on Flickr

16143812_1432974000067962_3133209334318558094_o by Tim Mascaro, on Flickr

16178833_1432973996734629_8318291472335686378_o by Tim Mascaro, on Flickr

16143681_1432974203401275_5050727019991988646_o by Tim Mascaro, on Flickr

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RA28, MX73
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I love that custom made tubular K-mount with rose joints for the rear end.
Much lighter and stronger than the original.
The pipe through the diff holding the hubs in place during the buildup is a nice trick.

And that custom exhaust manifold looks super efficient too.

- Stepho
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