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As you go through the posts, i update the cars progress with pictures. So dont forget to look on all the pages!

I'm going to be featuring my own car and the adventures i take it though in this stickied post, for a few reasons.
The first reason is i just like talking about my car. Anyone that knows me can verify this annoying trait.
The second reason is, i always forget about my cars past, because my memory is extremely shitty.
And the last but most important reason is, i LOVE teaching people. I love providing people with knowledge so that they can learn easier than i did.
So lets get started!!
Sometime in March, 2003, i was driving my uber sweet 1992 Dodge Dynasty home from work when i noticed a 1991 Pearl Black Toyota MR2 Turbo sitting at some hole-in-the-wall violin repair shop. So naturally, i slammed on the breaks and made an immediate left into the shop. I walked in, and there were only 2 people in the entire shop, making it easy for me.
I said "who's MR2 is that out there?"
A guy reluctantly said "Yeah, thats mine."
I responded "....Want to sell it?"
The rest as they say is history. The previous owners name was Brian, he was the original owner. After he sold it to me, he let out a few tears (no joke) and walked back to his house on foot, he refused to accept a ride... It must have been hard for him.
Here are a few pictures of right when i first brought it home.

As you can see from the pictures, it was TRASHED with dirt. After only a little TLC, i got it to look like this:

But then, roughly sometime in June, one of my fuel injectors clogged causing me to run on 3 cylinders. I figured the turbo had finally gone bad, and that i was screwed because turbos are obviously expensive.
After some testing in a friends shop, we concluded i was running on 3 cylinders. I had all the OEM ignition components changed, and still nothing. The only thing left was fuel injectors. So i purchased a set of 4 side-feed 440cc injectors from RC engineering.
This was the point that i said "fuck it", and decided it was time to stop being a pussy and just spend the money to Build up my MR2 Turbo.
In this section, i will closely document (with pictures) the progress i make on my MR2 Turbo build.
* = Completed shipping
*ATS Racing LSD transmission + LSD Axels (installed)
*Steel braided clutch line
*Exeedy Stage3 organic clutch (installed)
*Bronze shifter bushings and Brass shifter base bushings (installed)
*Custom fabricated air intake (installed)
*All new OEM ignition components (installed)
*KYB AGX 4 way adjustable dampers (installed)
Eibach Pro-Kit progressive rate Springs
*KYB upper pillow-ball mounts (installed)
NGK Spark plugs
*KORacing EGR block-off plates
*CNC Machined 2.6'' Throttle Body Inlet (installed)
*RC engineering 440cc injectors
*Bored out fuel rail with Dual-Feed modification
*New CT26 Rebuilt turbocharger (trying to sell for ATS Racing CT27)
*Finishline Ceramic Coated exhaust manifold
*HKS hiper Cat-Back exhaust
*HKS hiper B-pipe
*HKS FCD (fuel cut defenser)
*93 wheels/tires (installed)
*Powerslot front/rear rotors
TWOSRUS manual boost controller
*New Black Leather Center console (mine was cracked)
*JE 8.5:1 Forged Pistons
*Greddy type OS Front strut bar
*Greddy type OS Rear strut bar
*VMAX Anti-Torque Bar (connects transmission to subframe)
*SSAutochrome Intercooler & 2.5" Upper intercooler pipe kit
Momo Race-Air Leather shift knob
*Downpipe Support Bracket (keeps downpipes from cracking due to engine movement)
*Aussie 3" downpipe, HPC coated
*TRD Short Shift Lever (installed)
*ARC Induction Box (against drivers side vent)
Possible upgrade to Supra 550cc Injectors
->Then Aeromotive FPR
->Then Walbro fuel pump/Supra fuel pump
Adjustable Camgears
Apex SAFC fuel computer.
**Note: I may have to hold off on the fuel mods, as it might put me over budget.
Well, with the mods listed above, im going to have my stock fuel components screaming for their mom everytime i get on the Dyno... Luckily i got the dual entry fuel rail and bore mod, but those 440's and my OEM fuel pump arent going to quite cut it.. So im going to have to pull some money out of my ass for that adventure, either that or leave my car with some bolt-ons until i can afford fuel support.
Unfortunately, when you attempt to tune fuel with an AFC on the 3SGTE motor, the ECU senses something is wrong and starts to ADVANCE timing to compensate for the lost fuel (I know, wtf.) Soooo.
Retard 3 degrees from timing
Drop 550cc injectors, fuel pump
Restrict and tune fuel flow with the FPR
Make fine adjustments with the AFC, which will compensate for your timing retard when it advances 3 degrees.
Hopefully using this method i can produce great tuning results.


Stage II has arrived! (stage II meaning the second clump of parts shipped.

And today? My intercooler yaaahhhyy.

Well heres a small update. We installed the TRD short steel shifter, and installed the rest of the brass shift-plate bushings. Shifting feels nothing less then amazing now.
We also started stripping the motor down for Bryon at Meade Engineering so that he can finish the removal of my motor (when he finally gets the car in) as quickly as possible.


Just purchased, super rare ARC induction box, best intake on the market for the MR2..

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man i love the early 90's MR2!!! I swear i might buy one to compliment my supra!!! :lol: great car man! i love it...thanks for posting her up!!!

I <3 Road Racing
Toyota MR2 Turbo
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You guys are in for a real treat after i get the 5k worth of mods i just bought installed... Bwahahahaha, cough.

Thanks for all the compliments guys!!!!

Ill be keeping it updated on when i start the thread.

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Damn that's very nice. It cleaned up very well. Who's the Eclipse for?

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thats a sweet story, i cant believe he just sold it to you on the spot like that...

cleaned up very nicely, good looking car:thumbup:

I <3 Road Racing
Toyota MR2 Turbo
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FUCK....... YOU

That is amazing. That car went from discraceful to beautiful. You are putting a lot of work into it. GREAT JOB. This is the best set of pictures I've seen in a while of a buildup. Congrats on some great work. It will be a blast to drive when all is said and done.
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