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1998 Toyota Glanza V
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The Evolution Of Franza1's 98 Glanza​

OK I'll Start out with a Spec list and then I'll Give you a history of the car up to now.

Specs Are As follows:

Blitz SUS induction Filter relocated behind the front grill
Blitz Sbc ID-3 Boost Controller ( With optional Harness )
Denzo Iridium spark plugs
Blitz Spark Performer 9mm spark plug leads
HKS Silent Power exhaust
Full Earthing Kit in Blue
Blitz Power Meter
WEPR Front Mount intercooler kit
"Shop Special" ECU
Sprayed Rocker Cover
Toytuning Mild Steel Manifold heat wraped to perfection

Cusco ZERO 2 fully adjustable coilovers w/ camber adjustment
TRD front and rear strut bars
Limited slip diff
Standard rear, 3G Front Brake Discs
Mintex 1144 Brake Pads
APP Stainless Mesh Teflon Brake Lines
Whiteline Rear ARB
Whiteline Panhard Rod

Alloys & Rubber
15" Rays Engineering Volk TE37 White Racing Spec alloys

Blitz Boost Gauge
Blitz Oil pressure Gauge
Blitz Oil Temp Gauge
Color Coded Interior
MAC Audio Sub And Amp
Sports petals and gear knob
Pioneer Touch Screen DVD/MP3/WMA TV Head Unit
Bride Racing Seat
Triple Pillar pod (Custom made By Me)

Tinted Windows all around
Square Number Plates
"Blitz Racing" Sun Visor (Now Gone)
Custom Adapted Supra Splitter

The Story So Far...........

When I got the car First it was basically standard although I noticed a lot of performance mods and body mods were

taken off of it.

Stuff like.

The turbo was recently changed as it had all new bolts.
The FMIC was removed as there were mods made to the bumper to accommodate it.
The turbo timer was missing and the harness was there

But I soldered on anyways

Here are a few pics of the car from when I first got it

The Inside

Some of the first mods I did was to add eyebrows, tinted windows and Visor

After a few months of the car remaining like this I decided to change it again mainly as I lost one of the eyebrows and it was promptly crushed by the truck following me,
So I decided to tackle making a front splitter by myself and Painting the Prized VOLK TE37 alloys white as the lacquer was virtually gone and they were starting to corrode, Here are a few pics of that stage in the cars existence.

The Cars Engine During This Existence, Basically Standard

After an "encounter" with another car as I pulled out of a car parking spot the front splitter, indicator and headlight were in tatters and the bumper was slightly damaged, so that prompted the most recent change.

I decided let the Splitter rest in pieces (3 to be exact) and mod the bumper as I need a clear air flow to the new FMIC, I’m in the process of making a front splitter which will be finished soon but till then here is the car as it sits now.

I also Sprayed the Rocker Cover Added a WEPR FMIC and a HKS SSQV BOV.

The Engine Bay During this " Evolution "

Also around this time i was desperately looking for a Triple Pillar pod and to my Dismay there were none available on the market. So i said Fuck it i'd try and make my own So here's a pic of it

I Added some " I.C.E. " while i was at it and a Blitz Turbo Timer, as well as painting some of the trim.

I went on one of my many Photo Trips when i was bored, here are the results.

Relocated the Front Number Plate

De-Badged The Rear


1998 Toyota Glanza V
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I spent the last few days Tidying up a few wires and Cleaning the car, I washed, De-tared and waxed the outside, Took out the inside and cleaned a vacuum all of it, I fitted a few small bits and pieces like the TRD Resuivar Spill guards, here are a few pics


Few Pics of the inside around this time

TRD Thingies " Installed "

Another Photo Trip i went on.

Around this time i Fitted a new Manifold

Ok this has been a long project,

First of all i was in the process of making a splitter from scratch, But got fed up with it, So then i went on the hunt, Looked through tons and tons of pics and found the perfect splitter to adapt to my needs, So then the long search for that paticular splitter started, Took 3 months to find but lo and behold one cropped up, So it arrived After a bit of modification here it is fitted at last, It is everything i hoped it would be, Works perfect IMO, It's off of a Supra none of that French crap on my car :p


1998 Toyota Glanza V
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Ok the Split loom arrived today so i got on with it and fitted it, I'm Just waiting for the Silicon Tubing to arrive and I'll be all blue and happy,

Went to Mr. Toyota's place of business and collected Some new spots

Also Removed The Blitz Sunvisor

I was missing a Few Vital Clips so i could fit them yet. So i went out the next day during the few Dry minutes and fitted the spots looks good in my opinion and i also got the purple insert for the ssqv in the post so i fitted that too, sounds a lot different kinda two toned sound it's hi pitched at the start of the dump Low pitched in the middle and hi again at the end sounds a bit weird here are some pics

Ok While i was waiting for my Cordless Drill to charge, So i decided to take few pics. her is what i did Painted the intercooler black and added the silicon pipes will add more pics later but here's a teaser, I'm making new mounting brackets and then i'll snug up the hoses and make sure everything is locked down, I'm very happy with how it looks.

Well i spent the day arsing around adding blue silicone hosing and decided to paint the cooler black and i'm finally finished What do you all think?

Time for another Picture Trip

Ok a wee bit of an update, went out today between showers and fitted the C-pillar bar ( bought from chinaone ), great bit of kit, the holes were a little small and oblong shaped but that's nothing that couldn't be sorted with the help of the dremal. anyway here's some pics and yes that's where i usually hang my air freshners anything hanging off of the mirror just irratates me lol.

ok little update, had to remove a few things and fit a new manifold and a few other bits for the NCT. Well it passed just had to secure a break pipe and re-focus the lights.

Now for the problem, as i was removing the old manifold which i thought was cracked and a wee bit of the head fell off into my hand. it's basically a small bit of a wedge taken out of the exhaust port and the 4th stud on the block fell off, there is no other discernible damage to the head it's self just a little exhaust leak, which brings me to my next modification i was going to wait on a bit and see if i needed it but as i have to replace the head anyways i may as well go whole hog and get it ported and polished.

now i'm Planning on a ported head with posabally a set of 5e cams. i'll try and get a few pics there in a bit of the newly added heat wrapped Toytuning Manifold and the crack on the block. it should be ok to drive for the moment until i get the mulagh together for the time being I'm going to get a bit of that exhaust paste and put a bit on it to stop the leak

The Crack

An Update Finally

Ok so the story goes, i managed to get myself a loan of a Fully stocked garage for a few hours. so......... i decided to finish off some of my last few handeling bits

Whiteline Ajustable Rear Anti Roll Bar.

Whiteline Panhard Rod

And let me say What a differance. Body roll is near zero i literally scared the shite out of myself when i took it for a spin, went into a what is usually a 40mph set of bends at 45mph then 50, then 55 and finally 60 and it just felt like it could push it more and more i probally could have kept increasing speed but to be honest i was genuinly scaired because i had gone past the usual limit of the car . just got a little controlable understear because i put the power on a bit too early but other than that it was unphased by the bend.

Don't get me wrong there is a bit more tweaking to be done as well as a few other bits to add but i garrentee that there is little that could keep up with my car in a set of bends if the Driver wasn't as much of a whimp as myself :p

Well the last part of my Front mounted filter kit finally arrived there during the week after 4 weeks of waiting. :mad:

So today it finally stopped raining for long enough to tackle putting it on.

All started out well whole lot came apart like a breeze ( finally taking it apart 100 times pays off ). So i put on the first bit the 90 degree reducer and noticed i had Zero room to work wit because of the cooler route . so i proceeded to measure up the between the radiator and the intercooler pipe to see if i could nibble away a bit of the rad to fit, looked good so i did it, went about re-fitting it again and still no go. so figured i had 2 choices Abandon the fitting or modify the intercooler. Being pig headed i decided for the latter.

so i took off the turbo out pipe and cut the 180 degree bend in half and put a bit of silicone hose in between, happy days it finally gave me enough room to fit the filter relocation. well here are the pics of my efforts.


Great mod, seemed to be a bit more responsive and boosts well defo recommended and the cherry on the top No Boost creep

strangely though it seems to have completely changed the BOV noise, Sounds exactly like a supra with a SSQV now not that I'm complaining.

Well after a 3 hour Job because the only spanner i didn't have i needed.......... I finally fitted a new set of top mounts to the car. Partially because the Passenger one was sticking and partially because the same one slipped and i was running 3 degrees of camber on the passenger side for a day or two. The New ones are nice and Shiny and a slightly different design but no doubt as good as the last because they are from the same manufacturer Cusco.

Here's a pic or two of the For mentioned items.

Added a carbon fiber Reverse Scoop, Contimplating weather or not to paint it, i'll leave it like this for a few weeks anyway.

Just Added a 22mm Whiteline front ARB, Make a great differance car feels alot steadier and corners perfect. increased Understear but that can be sorted by some tweaking.

More to Come in the future

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Sweet! How many horses and how much torque are you putting at the wheels? Thats a 5E-FE engine right? Also what is your curb weight?

1998 Toyota Glanza V
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Nope it's a 4EF-TE Engine ( Basically a 1332cc factory turbo charged engine, where as the 5E is 1551cc i think), Standard they are verging on 133bhp and a similar number in Ft/Lbs, At the moment though it;s at about 180bhp and about 190 ft/lbs of torque at 1bar. with the driver and a half tank of gas it's about 970 kg. my best 0-60 time at the moment is about 6.8 seconds. but that was with street tires and on a warm day. hoping for around the 220 Bhp mark and as much torque as possible, then i'll be looking at response.

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yea the 5E-FE is a 1500cc engine, 180horses ain't bad for a 1.3L...haha shows you how much american cars suck.
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