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1988 toyo Corolla DX
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After buying the motor last blizzard (in MD) and having it sit 'til now, I've actually been working on it. I'm expecting maybe a couple years before this is all done. Money and time are accounted for the most set back. Mind you, this is the first motor I have ever took apart. So I'm expecting the possible worse, the first time I go to start this bitch, I picture a small July 4th.

The plans for the 20V S/T is a nice turbo set up. So I'm gutting the thing, also to make sure everything that's not changing is in great shape. Pictures, of course.

Does anyone have torque specs for the cam bolts? I want to measure the cam bearing clearances with plastigage but need the torque specs for them. Same with the crankshaft.

Sep. 9: Motor untouched. Last few days it'll be whole.

Sep. 19: The wiring harness and intake components have been removed.

Sep. 23: Trans fluid and oil drained, transmission removed, engine now finds it's new place on an engine stand.

Sep. 24: Crank pulley, rest of cam covers, timing belt and tensioner, and valve cover removed.
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