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My 88 tercel

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I just got an 88 Tercel and I was wondering what all I could do to it. Its a 2 door coupe. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get ground effects and stuff like that for it. Thanx.
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It's a 16 year old car, I highly doubt you can find ground effects kits for it. You can replace the headlight bulbs for brighter aftermarket ones, but not much else. Good luck!

Dont listen to senna. You can get ground effects and everything done to any car by getting it custom done at a performance shop. It might be a little hefty in price though cause they gotta mold the kit to your car. I recommend if you live near bradford go to Vampire, they are AMAZING detail artists and they can do ANYTHING custom! But yeah u wont be able to buy a skirt made for that car especially cause they only really make them for as old as 1990 on cars really. I got a 89 Corolla GTS and it would look awsome if i could find skirts, and there is one available but its fugly. So good luck man!
Yes, that's what I won't be able to find a ready made one. If you go the custom route, ya, the sky's the limit!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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