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my 93 camry turns over but wont start

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i was outside replacing a fuse in my speaker power wire, the car was running fine. when i took it apart my hand hit the m.a.f. sensor and it threw a big spark. after that when i tried to start it, it would't. everything in the car works, radio,lights ect. and all of my fuses are fine. can anyone help me with this problem??? any ideas on what could be wrong??
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gotta check the MAF then... it wont work without it.
how do i check it?? a good freind of mine told me the same thing. but we dont know what to do and how to check it.
Are you sure you checked all fuses ? There several fuse boxes. Check the injection fuse.
What is your engine ?
check the fuses under the hood, may be you blew a relay
if the maf sensor sparked and not the fusebox, then looks like you might SOL on the MAF :( it sholdn't be too hard finding a used replacement...

I'm not familiar with camry's, but basically, the ecu won't alow to start the engine unless the maf sensor is connected? I'd just imagine it running really shitty or the car's CEL lights up.
my engine is a 3vzfe, ill probably call the junkyard and see if they have a used maf. i did check all of my fuses i have three sets of them. they are all ok.
i have 2 spare for the 3vz if you want one... :)
if you have a haynes manual, there should be a section that shows you how to check the resistance in the maf.
if you have paypal, send me 20 bucks and ill ship you out the MAF tomorrow/today. my name on there is [email protected]
ok , i just got a used maf from a local car parts store, now will i have to do anything to the computer now since i have a new maf?? reseting, ect.??
shouldnt, but if you want you can pull the efi fuse just incase the new maf is calibrated a little diffrent.
where is my fuel pump located?? i was told that could be a reason why it won't start
its normally not a fuel pump issue... its prolly something else... main relay maybe... prolly something in the EFI system... i'd go get the codes read. try autozone, if they can read them they will do it for free.
ok i guess ill have my brother pull me up to autozone:( its not to far lol
oh yeah.. car doesnt start... dammit :( :headbang:
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