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:confused: I went out to warm her up one morning and she just would not crank. The lights on the dash lit up and all the lights worked, but it just would not crank. I have since:

1. Of course I tried to jump start it--unsuccessful
2. Replaced a perfectly good starter with a new one
3. Replaced a perfectly good relay.
4. and then I decide to check fuses. I know this should have been before the starter, But I guess I am slow.

It turns out the AM2 fuse is blown, but everytime I try to start the truck it blows that AM2 fuse again. It blows the moment I turn the key past the ON position to try to start her up. The fuse does not blow unless I move past the ON position. I am already a couple of hundred into it and I am just about to give up and call the tow truck to drag her to the dealer.:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
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