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“Nobody seems to like these trucks stock because they dont have as much power a v6 should have”

This is my 1989 toyota 4runner v6 with a rebuilt 3vze from a 1991. 31″ Goodyear Wranglers and all around rancho shocks. These motors arent gutless once you open up the intake and the exhaust. I eliminated the crossover exhaust pipe and went directly off the exhaust manifolds down into a 2.5 inch diameter pipe, dual exhaust into a 2 in 2 out thrush welded muffler. I get about 23 Miles per gallon pretty consistently on the highway. Ive got more than enough horsepower for a 4runner now. Not bad for an initial investment of $500 and about $2000 after that. Completely worth it.

Pictures at:
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