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Hello everyone, My names JohnO, I just bought an 05 Tacoma 6 spd manual with the 4.0 vvt-i and the TRD off road package. It's a beautiful truck and has been treating me great! I took it through the trails the other day for the first time, got to use the rear locker up some big snowy and cliffy hills. Man was it a rush. Tacoma's have been my dream truck for many years now and i'm very fortunate to be able to finance my first truck as my dream truck, considering i am still young at the age of 20. I have a lot of plans to build this off road machine to what i need it to be. I'm going to start with lifting the bed and undercoating the entire undercarriage to prevent rust and corrosion from this new england weather and salt. Take the spare off and keep it in the bed because i hate the spare mechanism designs on any truck/ suv, they eventually rust and don't work if you don't use it and most of all the spare gets dominated by all the road debris kicked up into the undercarriage. Anyways I have a lot of questions about future mods and about what's notorious for tacoma's problems. I'd like to do anything i can to strengthen it and keep longevity of it's body and parts. Thanks for letting me into the forum guys, i look forward to all of your input.
- JohnO
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