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My Camry with new Rims

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Actually, it's only one rim...I wanted to see how it would look before i put all 4 on. This is a rim from a 1st gen CR-V. Let me know what you guys think.

I don't know if I like them on the camry. Obviously they are better than my current hubcaps, but i still don't know if I should keep them on. Advice/opinions/comments would be great!
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it just doesn't look quite right with that big H on it har har
looks like you need more air in your tire

other than the 'H', Id say the only thing wrong is the rims looks to small. Are they the same size as your stock steelies?
I'd rather sport a 16's or 17's steelies...those crv rims just ain't looking right to me! the enormus height of the tire sucks.
^^^i was thinking somehting similar. The tires are 205/75R/15. The rims are actually bigger than my current steelies (14 vs. 15). And, yes Fresco Bob, the tire needs more air, about 5 psi. If It ke off the H cente rhub, woul that make it look better?
how did you end up with those hubcaps anyways...never seen that... :dunno:

as for the CRV rim...not really digging it ... might look better if you take off the "H" centercap... :dunno:
wow honda on a toyota...i guess i may have seen worse. It doesnt seem to fit man. Just my 2 cents.

U know if you cant afford new alloys, get some better hubcaps. They dont cost that much more to get a 'fashionable' pair. Just dont get em spinners...thanks! haha
I think they actually look okay if you change the center least they're better than your 14" steelies....:p

if you're getting a good deal on them, then you may as well for now until you find something better
Putting Honda rims with a Big H in the center is one of the worst ideas that I've heard in a while. Don't be one of those guys that gets laughed at on the streets and get called a "ricer". Rims with "logos" belong on the cars that they came with. Leave the caps on until you can find rims without another car maker's logos on them.
RICE RICE BABY... HAHA... but seriously it looks alright if not for the honda logo on it.
I have seen a Civic with TRD sticker so it is other way around and go with the trend man put 17"or 18" rims and be the master of the road. Honda rims on Camry is totally inappropriate.
try taking off the "H" on 'em. they'll look ok then
i think they look bad personally.. i would keep the ones you had on it until you can acctually get different ones.. tires look way way too big!... and like everyone else said.. thats just wrong.. honda on a toyota..
would look better with out the H
alright, i get one likes the H...sorry I didn't spend the extra two seconds to pop the center cap off. The only reason I even tried it is because the rims are in my garage, as I had taken them off of my wrecked CR-V. I really just wanted to know what the rims would look like on the camry (thus I only put one rim on)...I didn't think it would be "cool" to have honda parts on a toyota. If that were my line of thinking, then I would have put VTEC stickers on the front fenders, which i clearly do not have.

But i agree, the tires look way too big for the car, and I'm gonna leave the camry the way it is...with the ugly hubcaps (which i would get rid of, but I detest the look of black steelies on black cars).
It's not really about what everyone else thinks, if you like them I think you should keep them. They don't look THAT bad, but they don't look good either, lol. The only thing that's really off is the size of the tires on your car. They actually do sell decent hub caps.. if you don't like your hubs maybe you should try a junk yard or ebay.
If you want any chance of being able to pull off wheels that small, you need much smaller tires, and a gnarly drop. I think it'd look pretty cool if you did that and got different center caps.:thumbup:
i wasnt saying i didnt like them. hell i still run stock wheels. i ust think you should have known that you would get flamed for the H on a toyota. as for the rims themseves i do like them
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