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My car afterwards and opinons

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Just wanted to get/tell a general feeling for whats to happen with my car.

1st off I enjoy having a sleeper rather then a glorified "fast and furrious" look. I dont need ground effects and flashy paint job to enjoy a fast car.... Seems like it would invite thiefs to try and take it.

To the point though, I will be getting new springs for my car. Should lower it about 1-2 inches and make it appear a bit more agressive. For fun and the only movie quality to it, I will be getting neons (ruby red) for all the sides. The one in the front in the lower grill should be sweet! Im also having a custom turbo installed onto it for around 3.8k.

All this will be in minor steps starting with neons, springs, and then turbo.

As for interior, I wont be doing really anything until they come out with a details kit so I can get a dark red outline on everything. I might go with the lighted chrome pedals, but I hear they malfunction a bunch.

But thats the start of my process, of course there a bunch of little things in between everything, but you get the idea. I just want everyones idea on it. And if you have any other ideas that I might use Im open for it.
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sounds nice, i like the color of the car alot, whats the interior color?

also tint the windows
Yea, the dealer who sold me the car said he has a friend thats done 2 of his cars (tint) for 150 a pop. I might take him up on that.

The interior is Black and Grey, with some aluminum accents.

Im most likely gonna go with the balck bra (not the clear one) with fog lights, and dark red detailing for the interior when it comes out. Im gonna hook my neon lights to the fog lights when they get installed so there all on the same switch. should be clean.

All and all right now I got some saving to do:headbang:
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