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i have many, but this is by far the one thats on my mind alot at the moment.

GE head that has had its port's Gasket matched, and Polished to a mirror finish. with all unessasary casting ground down. the Exhaust Valve seats machined to take oversized Valaves, Titanum Valves and Springs. and the Decks have been Machined to yeald perfict displacment between all 4 Cilinder's. each Valve, Spring, Bucket and Shim Are Matched weight and all valve lash's are within perfict spec.

high quality Mettal Head Gasket.

the Bottom end will be a 5s, with a Knife Edge Balanced Crank, with Titanium Rods and pistons that are all match weight, and have maxiumum dewell time. and run 8.5:1.

The Intake Mainfold would be Tubular Aluminum, with 2 set's of Runers for each Port, the Trottel body will be oversized and and bored out. the

the Exhaust Mainfold would be a turbulary 4-2-1 Step headers, that mate to a T4 Flange. Gasket Matched.

the Turbo will be a nice Oversized T4/T3 Hybrid, blowing into 2 4"x12"x1" Air to Air intercoolers, mounted up front.

the Turbo Cold air intake will also be taped for a N20Charge along with a Direct Port Charge thats Taped at the mainifold.

a man can Dream.

400whp club here I come!!
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All that power on a FWD car.... what a waste. :lol:

Kidding kidding.... you forgot the awd conversion ;)... I know you weren't talking about trannies.... but you get my point.

** Runs for flame suit...***
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