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hey guys,

i just got my results back. i'm one point away from failing.

Passing results are as follows:
HC 0.60
CO 10.00
NOx 1.50

My results:

HC 0.59
CO 6.77
Nox 1.20

The mechanic told me my car is running rich and suggested a tune up. I got a tune up couple of mths ago May 2004 all performance parts and I changed my oil regularly 3k /3mths. The results are similar when I had it done. Almost failed. Don't understand why HC and Nox are so high when all svcs are done on a timely manner. Could it be the oxygen sensor? catalyic converter? Dont want to fail next year, any suggestions?


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I'm not sure if it is goin' to be your EGR valve or not. I had a car that was spewing noxious amounts of NOX, because of the clogged tube from the exhaust to the EGR. With this car, I'd...
change the plugs, properly gapped
change out O2 sensor
reset computer (disconnect batter 2+ min.)

Then, go to a smog check place, not a test only, and pay the fee to have the car tested while not connected to the DMV. Kindof a "dry run" for the upcoming smog test.

Just my $.02

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