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this actually happened a few weeks ago but ive been lookin for a good place to host pics off of so im not posing it til now.

day 1's times:

day 2's times:

i learned a reaaaal lot from these two days, about how tire pressures affect handling, how important smoothness is, where the limits of my car are, and how badly i need a manual tranny :D

for those who might read this when just starting autocross, definately take an instructor if the club provides them. it helped me sooooo much

here are the pics:

the line waiting for tech inspection:

grid lineup for modified classes (i think?)

grid lineup for uh..... some class, modified i think?

my car ready to go in the pits

the sti next to me in the pits *drool* nice guy too

grid lineup for some of the stock classes and uh, the old car class

same grid lineup as above

some f1-looking car, dont know what class.... but dam that thing was fast!

a little old car, but it was pretty fast

sts and stx grid lineup

little old car, but it was fast.... and WICKED LOUD

the other guy next to me in the pits, waiting to approach the starting line
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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