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(UPDATED, new pics) My first car...needing advice. :D

Well, my parents just got me a 1994 Toyota Corolla...err, its the XE variant (something like the DX i guess, in america.) Anyway, it was white and had a lot of scrapes and bumps all over! Talk about looking like a heap of...crap. ;)

Anyway, since it's gonna be my first car, i managed to convince my parents to have it fixed up! This was how it looked like BEFORE.

(I only have pics of the front bumper, and the rear of the car...the other pics of the are missing :eek:)...

So, thats how it used to look.
My plans for it so far are to..
  1. Have it painted Black (Metallic..really shiny:D)
  2. Have its bumpers replaced. (USversion = Extended bumpers)
  3. Install 17" Lenso Type M...aka TenzoR Type M mags (Dark Grey) <Pictures below>
  4. Nankang 215/40 R17 tires (Still debating about this. Bridgestone is my first pick, but I'm on a tight budget...what do you guys think? There's a $245.00 difference if i go with the Nankang. :confused:)
  5. Have the tint removed and leaving it clear
  6. Have other mechanical stuff fixed
  7. Install a CD player (Pioneer something...)
  8. Install an alarm
  9. Leave everything else (interior, seats, engine, speakers, springs=ride height, etc) STOCK. :sosad: I got no money for those yet...:lol:
Oh, here's the car getting its paint job...its only the first coating, its still kinda rough...but, its getting there! The guy told me that it'd take about another 2-3 days to finish up...i hope its worth the wait! :D

Here are some pics of the Rims i'm getting. (Lenso Type M, 17"..aka TenzoR Type M)

Here's the actual Pic.

Here are some pics on how i'd like it to look. The mags on the car aren't the actual ones...they're just similar-looking to the ones I'd install. Also, no spoiler...I like it clean. :D

I'm looking for any ADVICE or COMMENTS or REACTIONS please...anything that could help me into making this car great...:D


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looks good.. the rim choice is not bad, I don't mind that style. :)

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Cool. I like the images you made. Are you going to lower it?

And if you don't want those old lights you can ship em to me ;) :lol:

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And the end result is... :D

Well, a couple of days passed...and, well, here's the finished product so far!

The body's been repaired...
The color's been changed to Black (metallic)...
The bumpers have been converted (US version)...
An alarm system installed...
17" Lenso type M mags installed...
A Pioneer head unit installed...

The tint's been removed...
Shocks, most of the engine and interior, and muffler (for now) has been left untouched...I gotta save up first before modding it again! :lol:

Here's a couple of pics...

The whole Body:

Up front:

Front side panel (Left side):

Rear side panel (Left side):

The rims!!:

Well, what do you guys think? :D
Thanks for viewing!...

Oh, what should be my next move with the car?...
Sound system?
Exterior Mods?
Have it lowered? By how much?
(Most of the people who've seen the car have been telling me to have it lowered, but I'm afraid that the tires would scrape the wheelwell if 5 people would be riding in it!)

Well, i really do hope some of you guys could help me out...:D
Thanks for reading!...and replying to this thread as well? :lol:

Thanks again!!:D
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