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My idea: putting blue LED's in car vents

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I want to put some lights in my vents/replace the lights that illuminate the dash board lights at night with blue. What is the easiest way to do this? Do I need to make all types of voltage calculations?

Also I was wondering if there is any way to make the door courtesy lights blue as well. Do they make blue plastic for those lights or would I have to go with clear plastic and a blue bulb?

I have a 92' Camry.
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are talking vents like air vents? :confused:
yep :)

Here is a more specific question. How do I tie in a circuit I have made using led's etc to the power supply (battery)? I'm assuming I need a fuse for the circuit. Is there some type of extra slot where you can add to the fuse box so you could add random electronic junk?
I've seen that before in a couple of cars but was never really interested. The wiring is not that hard. I would just wire them to a rocker switch. You could run the power off of the constant wire on the radio.
what my friend did was go to an auto-parts store and buy a thing called an add-a-circuit and a switch and some wire thats basically remote wire. the add a circuit allows you to get power from a fuse

you plug the thing into a fuse that will make the lights do what you want(on when headlights, on always, on domelight, etc{on meaning the ability to be on})
then you plug the regular fuse in there.
now you have a +12v power supply. you run the wire to the switch and all that and then ground whatever for your negative leads.

pretty simple wiring...just alot of screwin around to get there.

i did a similar thing w/ neons under the dash and in the trunk, and i think mine's cooler :)

o yeah, if you have the same fuse setup as mine...2 under hood, one in dash...most likely you'll have to cut the change holder(in front of fuses) for the add a fuse to fit. also, i put the switch in the loose change dish in the center console. you can't even see it unless the neons are on(the switch has an LED in it for when its on)
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what i did to get them in the air vent is: take of the dash to see the vents, then drilled something like an 1/8 inch hole in each of the vents (just big enough to fit the LED in) then positioned it where i wanted, and siloconed the LED in place and went to the next vent. but i took them out recently cuz i thought it was a little to much:lol:
Thers a pretty ghetto always on way to do it. Hook one wire to a good ground screw and take your other wire and either wrap around or solder it to one of the posts on your battery or radio fuse under the dash. It can be done very inconspicuously to any of the always on acc. fuses and you won't need an actual switch. as soon as the key is in on or the motors on. Did this to run light wire inside my talon a few years ago before i decided the color was ghey and I took em out. Never had any probs with it though.:thumbup:
right now mine is hooked to a fuse that will allow me to turn my neons on even with the key out of the ignition.

i can get pics of it all if you want. lmk
Post some pics after your done...
Here ya go. I have questions though. I only did the 3 vents. How do I do the forth one? On the right passenger side? I thought I might have to take out the glove box or something.

My other question is this: Currently I just have the led's taped in there but not soldered. What type of solder should I use to solder it and what type of soldering iron? Should I use a soldering iron or soldering gun?? Here are pics so far:

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how do you have them in there? like i said, i used silicon to seal them in there. as for the forth one, i think you have to take out the glove box, i got too lazy to do that forth one...
phat i wann do it
epidemic, are you followin me from topic to topic? BTW what kind of LEDs did you use for it?
I broke down and got these LED's from circuit city. They were 15 bucks for two of them. I didn't feel like waiting for led's to be mailed to me and then resisters then solder it so I paid premieum for it. But if you wanted to save money it would come to a total of about 6-7 bucks for everyting as opposed to 30 for what I paid for 4 of them.
Ohh and the LED's from circuit city were made to put in your headlight to tint the beam.
looks good, id rather not see the led, just the glow from its but thats just me, id try to hide the light just have its shine show
I wonder if they will melt when your turn the heat on....
Actually from where my head is when im driving you can't see the LED at all. I just lowered the camera so it would appear brighter because it was day when I took the pictures.

Heat might be a problem....I'll let ya know in a couple of months. hehe.
If it is, I know a place that sells 3" neons. They have a heat resistant acrylic case around the bulb. And they're much brighter ;)
how would you wire neons...dont most of them come with a cig lighter attachment...i have considered neons but i have no idea how to hook them up without using the cig lighter
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