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My Idle is bad can someone help?

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Hey everyone:( I drive a 1987 Toyota Supra N/T. And the first time i got it it never had a bad idle. After about 15 check ups and a tune up that made it a wonderful car has turned into a monster...:p: I dont know whats up with it but i was reading the post on the other thread about the idle being kinda weird at cold but the thing is my idle dies even though its cold or hot. We've tried different types of procedures like changing the fuel filter and checking for air leaks. But it still had the problem. I'm thinking that it may be the fuel injectors or maybe the computer? (if there is one) but please just reply back if you cant help its ok just a little response would help. Thanks!
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a blown head gasket can cause a rough idle due to lost compression. Hope that's not it - are you experiencing any loss of power?
Start from the top of the easy food chain. You mentioned checking a couple of things. Start with all tune up parts, if you haven't already. Fouled plugs, bad wires, cap and rotor on the NA cars, coil, fuel pressure and injectors. Timing is a suspect as well. Other things get progressively harder to diagnose, so check these first. If they fail, get a motorvac done and check the compression and the AFM. Rule the simple stuff out before jumping on the headgasket bandwagon.
bgrieger said:
Rule the simple stuff out before jumping on the headgasket bandwagon.
it's so easy just to blurt out BHG though :D

as a wise man on the Cressida forums said,

"if you even suspect you've got BHG,

you already have it." ;)
i think an easy thing not mentiond would be to get a bottle of injector cleaner not the cheap $2 kind splurge and get the $6 one and run that through and a can of carb cleaner and clean out the tb .... sometimes the easiest thing can be the solution ...
if your going to do an injector cleaning... the best way is to take it to a garage and have them do it. They have a three chemical setup...(one part involves a bag hanging from your hood) and it runs sooo much better after that,

So you guys are saying to get the injectors cleaned out (maybe the proble) Cuz my friend had the same problem and he just got his injectors replaced and his car runs smooth now. OH yeah the TUNE up cant be the problem. My friends uncle is too much of a perfectionist to make a mistake on the tune up. LOL BUT thanks anyway. If you guys have any other suggestions just reply.
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