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My Idle Is Too Low

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My Damn Car Turns Off Whhen Im At A Light....What Can It Be????Help:smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin:
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Try cleaning the throttle body and Idle Air Control (IAC) valve.
DFBonnett said:
Try cleaning the throttle body and Idle Air Control (IAC) valve.
Ive Cleaned The Throttle Body But Were The (IAC) Valve..Thanks
It's on the side of the throttle body. On our V6 I unbolted it and pulled it back from the TB to hose out the guts. On the I4 I believe there is a square or triangular hole in TB into which you can spray cleaner. A search for IAC should turn up more specific information.
You can download a manual here which should provide some additional guidance...
if all else fails, you can also just turn up the base idle as more of a temporary fix

does the car always stall at a light? or only when hot?
Other Way Around When Its Cold It Stalls
then it's your iac
Also In The Start Up....Thanks Alot I Will Check Into It
Wont Start

Nice Now My Car Dosent Start What Could It Possibly Be....I Just Cleaned The Cai With Maf Cleaner
^ did you reconnect your maf properly? did you damage any of the wires? double check...the no-start condition will be be due to your MAF readings at the ecu
Yeah I Did I Double Checked...So What Your Saying Is The The Wires Connnected To It Were Mixed Up Or Somthing...
the wires can't really get mixed up per se, but with age, people have been known to damage their maf wires since you may have to yank on them a bit to get them disconnected.

but this may not be the case though as well

did you actually take your MAF off to clean it? or did you just spray the electronics cleaner inside your CAI? not sure if it would make a difference, but you maf seems to be sending no signal

no signal = no start

bad signal = bad start, or spluttering then dying
I Spayed Inside But Isint The Spray Safe...It Shouldent Have An Effect Towards It Or Can It????I Stuck I Hope I Can Get My Baby Running Again....Will It Be Expensive To Fix...
Could It Be The Fuel Filter.....Maybe Some Of The Gunk Went Into The Manifold And Somthing Happend....
yeah, the spray is MAF safe...

on a no-start condition, you have to check three things- fuel, spark, and air....or bad sensor readings

it could be something else as well, but it's doubtful (or at least very coincidental) if you had just tried cleaning out your maf for it to be something else
try the battery lol. that happened to me and it was just the battery. long shot but give it a try.
I DOnt Think That May Have Anything To Do With The Problem
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