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1987 Toyota Xtra cab
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Well here it goes.

I have been into cars since I was 8 and got my first one when I was 13. I have lost track of all the project cars I have had that never got finished. I am 34, male and orginally from Iowa, but now reside in Arizona. Current car stock consists of a 1962 Chevy Pickup (project), a 1976 Chevy Van (needs repairs), a 1983 Ford Mustang (project), a 1987 Toyota Pickup, a 1993 Geo Storm and a 1993 Geo Storm GSi.

The Toyota is my current daily driver, the base model 1993 Geo Storm I bought brand new in 1992, but blew a headgasket recently and got the GSi as a donor parts car. The 1976 Van has been around since 1978 and I plan on fixing it and driving it for a long time. The Mustang was a birthday gift. The 1962 Pickup is a project that will take the longest as it is getting almost everything changed on it.

Ok here's the low down on my Toyota:

It is a 1987 Xtracab longbed two wheel drive, it appears to be bone stock except for maybe a few replacement parts. I have already replaced the radiator, clutch master and slave, seat, fan clutch, wheels, front shocks, and a few other maintainance items.

The wheels are off a Jeep Cherokee 80's model and got 205/65/15 tires on them, it appears to already have been lowered a bit. The seats in it now are out of my '93 Storm, I'll get different seats later when it's time to put the Storm back on the road. I got a bed box from Walmart to hold all my tools for work and it still has just enough room to fit my quad in the back with the tailgate down.

Projects I will do in the future are:
Replace engine as I damaged mine while towing the donor car
Replace anything worn out (aka bushings and so forth)
Lower it 1" in the rear
Air shocks for the back to compensate for the weight of my quad and if I'm towing anything
Frame mounted hitch
Air bag setup
Bucket seats
18" wheels and tires
Build a custom box for speakers
Replace bed and front fenders for 4 wheel drive stuff
Repaint truck (not sure what color)

I'll post other mods as I come up with the or I get good suggestions.

So please give me ideas on what to do to this truck, oh the truck's name is Wolf's Bane

Already done:
Lowered front 3/4" and modified bumpstops
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