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Finally got both knock sensors in.
Decided to make a mount on just one side head.
Had planned to mount a sensor on each head, but maybe later.
I made the mount so the new wire harness would work with it.
Only problem I had was I first ordered two cheap "made in china" sensors.
When the light came on again I thought I had a wire or ECU problem.
Member here suggested I try a Denso sensor.
I ordered one, installed it, and one code went away.
Had to order another one and wait another week.
Save yourself the stress. DON'T ORDER A "MADE IN CHINA" SENSOR!!!!!!
Everything seems good now. Better power. Trans seems like it shifts better.


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Glad you got it fixed. I believe Denso actually makes a lot of their products in China but with quality control, unlike much of the crap coming out of China and sold on Ebay.
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