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Saw the vid when they were first put up because i'm subscribed to you. Pure sex. :lol: Farewell, Cody. :(

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SADness. . . . I feel for ya, and well, I can relate. Life changes created the departure of a car I had for 24 years! Hence the name 73sport! and just after a new engine/trans/rear too! The bright side, it eventually brought me here! :thumbsup: Yoda Power!

Take care Cody. . .

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Ken ???? hehe . . .
Already brought up :lol: I'm still willing to help any US buyer import the car:thumbsup:

But yes, it will be missed VERY much... Must suck to know that it's last drive is soon approaching...

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I would love the S/C, but I wouldn't want to separate it from the 3VZ with the work that was involved. Besides, I have my own issues to deal with still. Damn CA smog nazis.

There may be a few MR2 guys interested in the whole powertrain, but for CA guys, a 3VZ + S/C is not legal (of course there are ways around that), unfortunately. You may want to let the guys at MR2OC in the V6 forum know about it.

Sad days ...

Also, if you don't want to create account over there, I can relay the message for you.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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