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Hi everyone!

I'm very happy to see a site for the Toyota people... too much Honda around..

Anyway... my name is Al, I'm from Canada, and I'm the proud owner of a 1990 AE92 Corolla. My mods include Intraxx lowering Springs, Ractive strut tower brace, Pacesetter header, K&N Filtercharger, and oversized exhaust. I love my car very much, as it's combination of balanced power and light weight make it a great trackday friend!

I've done numerous cosmetic changes as well, including clear corners, AND taillights (which are the only one's i've ever seen on an AE92 sedan). I was also able to fit a spoiler on the trunk that blends nicely with the body lines of the car.

I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences with everyone, and reading up on everyone else's tips and ideas!
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