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My name and my ride

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Hi, I feel good that I finally found a website full of true toyota enthuasists and lovers. My name is Fred, I am 18 years old and my ride is a 2004 Toyota Solara SE coupe (I4). The car's color is pearl white or artic frost. No mods have been done yet but I am gonna put some 17" konig "next" wheels on it and for the tires I am gonna 225/55/17. Hopefully by the time I register my car to HIN, the car will be prepped to my specs.
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welcome to TN:cool: the new solaras are pretty pimped, did you get a 5spd or auto? what part of the states are you from?
welcome =)
I got the 4 speed auto tranny and I am from Orlando, Florida. Just want to tell the people who made this website that they did an awesome job on this website.:thumbup:
Welcome to TN...however i hate the now solaras...the old ones were so much niceer...haha sorry :lol:
I like the old generation and the new generation of the solaras, none of them ever looked ugly.
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