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My New 06 Tacoma - First Impressions

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Picked up my 06 Silver Streak Mica SR5 4X4 5 speed auto Double Cab this past Friday. To say I'm thrilled is an understatement! Anyway, after putting in my first 200 miles, I wanted to share my first impressions.....

First off, she's a beaut. Paint, fit and finish are excellent. Ride is nice and solid. No rattles, squeaks, etc. For the first 50 miles or so, I did notice a good bit of road noise, but that seemed to take care of itself. I'm thinking that the aggressive tread of the Bridgestone Revos was the culprit, and just needed a bit of a break-in. Other than that, she's relatively quiet for a truck (compared to my old 1990 Ford F150). No notable wind noise up to 80 MPH. The engine revs high and is pretty loud when first starting. That only lasts a couple of minutes, then she revs down and all is good. Didn't think I'd like the SR5 seats, but actually, I find them pretty comfy. I've got a bad back, and the support is very good. In general, the cab is very roomy. Leg room in the rear is pretty good, unless the front seats are all the way in the rear position, then it's a bit tight. The basic AM/FM/CD player isn't that great. I'd recommend getting the JBL upgrade or an good aftermarket unit. The volume and tuner knobs are big and awkward. The steering is very responsive, but I wish the Tilt Wheel had a few more positions. I haven't been able to find the "sweet spot" yet. Looks like I'll just have to adapt. I wasn't really sure about the orange dash lights, but I found that I really like them. They're easy to see, and they add a certain ambience to the cabin. The old style hood prop really stinks. I can see myself ripping off my hood protector while yanking up on the hood and attempting to put the prop in the little hole! Underside of the hood isn't painted???? Looks to be primed only. Can't figure that one out... Gotta get used to visually checking for remote locking. I'm used to the "chirp" of my wifes Highlander. And to wrap it up, driving gently, I got 16.1 MPG for my first 200 miles. I'm sure this will steadily improve as the engine breaks-in.

In conclusion, I like my Tacoma alot. I feel that it is definitely worth the money spent, and I'm looking forward to spending many years with her. You did good Toyota! :thumbup: