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Nice car with a few provisos.. She got a 2004 Corolla.. and the car payments.. I get her old car...

1. the driver's door is sprung.. apparently the car attacked her several times and drug down the driveway.. now I have to slam the driver's door to close it.. else the dome light will stay lit..

I turned off the dome light for now.. Is there some way I can adjust the door latch to allow the door to close easier?

2. The dash lights are weak, one is burned out.. how easy is it to replace this light?

Overall, a nice car, looks nice and has a nice interior.. 185k miles, it blows a little blue smoke on startup -- from around the right side engine compartment.. (exhaust pipe leak?) and valve seals need replacement?

She says it uses about a quart every 500 miles.. could this be just the seals and not the rings? any way to tell?

The Exhaust pipe is pretty black.. sooty..

-- Ron
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