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My new daily

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Update May 5th 2011

First day home

Minor interior mods was first in mind

Next was wheels and tires. Since I work at a tire store, it's a must. Can't sell people wheels if I don't have wheels.

Then it was time to drop the car 1.5"

Right after I decide to get it tinted

A small intake add on

Gotta add the JDM front tag, lol

New brake pads and rotors

6k HID and new head lamps

MOTOR SWAP and custom header, intake

New wheels

Dyno time

That's it so far. I am planning on coming back for another dyno run with nitrous later this month, if I don't end up spending too much money in Florida.

Thank you
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Love the cockpit....:D
is it NA or SC? nice find though!!
It's N/A. The car was in really bad shape when I got it. Fixed up a little bit. Interior was horrible. Had to change center console, shift boot/ knob, steering wheel and etc..
The motor failed emission twice. Finally got it pass by 7 point on the third time. Had to get a new cat and adjust the timing along with adjust a few other things. Good thing it's the last year for emission.

I bought a 4age. It's sitting at a friend's house right now. We're going to swap it soon. I'm still debating whether to boost it or not. Got the money for the new motor by selling the Camry.
wish i still had my mr2...looking good
Thank you,

I do kinda miss the auto Camry. Manual are fun as long as traffic don't move 6 mph...
Very nice! My neighbor had one of these when I was younger and I always used to look forward to going for a ride in it. Your one looks great in Super White. Happy motoring! :D
do a 3VZ swap and i'll hold onto my SC kit for ur MR2 hehehe
The original idea was to do a v6 swap. I backed out because I didn't like how small the engine bay is.
The original idea was to do a v6 swap. I backed out because I didn't like how small the engine bay is.
it's been done before..but it did involve cutting
Nice I love both vehicles a 87 MR2 Red and automatic came into the shop i work at for a safety because it was being sold for $7000 its all original and has only 86000km. its really mint
I had an AW11 and MAN do I miss that thing. I've got a 95 Camry now, we've done the opposite swap! :) Secretly inside I hope that in a few years when I've got some spending money I get t-boned in the 95 and then can swap the 1mz into an mr2! :) Course... the Camry's growing on me more than I thought it would!
I am absolutely and totally jealous of you! I love the AW11 and miss mine so badly. That one looks like it's in fantastic shape! I'm going to go with an 85 or 86 judging by the side that the e-brake is on. Love the removable steering wheel as well, almost need it to get in and out eh!? Lol. Frick, I love your car!!!!! :)
Thank you my friend. Positive comments make it easier for me to be happy that I sold the Camry. It's a 86. Just pass the last emission last week. Was going to get a 85 but the seller didn't have a tittle. Car still need some work. Slowly getting there. Next will be lowering suspension then swap out the motor for another rebuild 4age in the winter. It'll be a fully built NA. I drive this car about 75 miles a day so I need something reliable.
So clean! The GPS looks like it has a great little spot on the dash. Almost like it was made for it. Must be easier to park than the Camry.
Sometimes. There's no power steering so parallel is harder.
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