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my new interior pics

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my new interior pics are up now. swede seats, i remade my new dash and 4 door panels. tell me what you guys think~~ thanks
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Where's the pics?
Looks good Man:thumbup:
very hot :D
looks real good
Nice job :thumbup:
suede looks question...did you also put tweed on your steering wheel?
Great job man, When doing the inserts....can't you take the carpet insert off the panel itself and put new stuff on, or do you have to pry it into the door panel? Im about to paint my interior black with white accents with white and back Sparco seats.

you need to take every single panel off to make it look professional. YOU MUST !! other than that, just go with the flow, i recommend not painting. I painted my interior 3 times, never looked great as my twead panels, etc.
Where did you get the suede material from and how much did it cost you?

you need to goto fabric upholstery store, they have wide slections, and you can choose whatever you want, don't go to Big places like Joan's or Micheals arts and crafts, you should look up for upholstry fabric store in your yellow book. local shops have great deals, you can always negotiate, etc.
How did you do the dash? Did you overlay the material on it? or did you remove the existing stuff then lay the suede on it?
That's one sweet looking interior. I just love tweed.

in order to change the material of your vehicle, what you need is to buy a really strong fabric glue. Place the glue in your spray bottle and with about 50 psig, spray evenly all around the material and the dash, wait about 1 min to dry a little and then place the material over the dash firmly. and with a little cut and snips, you got yourself a new dash like mine! ok?> good luck on yours and send me pics, i wanna post it on my site, send me your web add, i'll link it. from mark
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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