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This is my new lexus IS200 i picked up from a car auction for £3000 which is about $5,000 which was a great deal its spec is :

Petrol, 6 speed manual, 2.0i
Leather interior
16 Inch Alloy (soon to change, Any recomendations)

One proplem is getting used to having a 6th gear, where reverse would normaly be there's a 6th gear it's like"whoops wrong way :D" Its silver just incase the pic wont load ;)

can some one supply power figures for me please and what i should start with first on my list of modding :D

P.s how do i compress a small image which is alread 5700k to 1024k its imposible

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looks real nice. i was considering getting an is300 but with gas prices here in Belize I can afford to have anything but a 4 cylinder car.
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