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my new matrix xr is frying my brain!!!

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I have had this car for two weeks and there is some kind high frequency signal that is making my ears ring.... My head is screaming all the time, especially with all the windows closed... I have turned off all devices and it is still there. The dealership can't hear it!!! I am desperate, if this isn't solved i will have to sell the car and lose my shirt!!! I didn't drive it all weekend and when I did, it happened all over again.
anybody with any ideas???
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Inspect the black tape/trim around the windows. It's been known that in some areas it peels off partly. Just enough of a curl in the tape would probably give off that whistling you're hearing.
thanks Mistamatrix! I appreciate your input. I'll take a look. something's gotta work! hey! you're near here! I am also asking the same question on the UK forum!
I don't the Matrix is sold in the UK.

Where in Canada are you at?
I don't think so either. I was looking at their gallery and it wasn't there...I'm just desperate enought to try anything!

I couldn't find anything around the windows. They have the tint film on them, that's all. Besides, it's more like a ringing than a whistle...I feel it is like a sensor beam, probably directional.....if anything it's coming from the right side.

I'm in Mississauga.....right next door!
another strange thing.....the service manager asked why I wasn't using the key with the black top on it with the security microchip! I didn't get one, just two remotes and two valet keys!
WTF??? How does your car start without the chip in the key?? Sounds like you got some ghetto rigged car.
I dunno!!! I just turn it on!!! if the key works, use it! Going to ask tomorrow.
That's weird that they didn't give you a black key.

You should come out to the next Toyota Nation meet in Mississauga on Wed. July 14. We usually get at least 10 other Matrices out. We've been meeting at Krispy Kreme but lately security's been kicking us out. Stay tuned for more details...

So did you get an 05?
Nope, I hated the rear lights!

dumb reason.

Thanx for the invite to the 'matrices' reunion!:lol:
This sounds like it could be alternator whine... ??

Double check all ground wires, and if possible - upgrade your existing ground wires to a thicker gauge. :thumbup:
thanks Ratko! worth looking at, but why would a new car need wire upgrades? could they be just loose?:confused:
Take a look at the stock wires. They're thin as heck.
you may just have something then!
where in ssauga sir?
ur prob is intruiging me
wanna get a ride and experience it
Ratko: I don't think he's experiencing alternator whine in this case. He mentioned that all devices were turned off. Alt. whine would generate audio interference and resonate through the speakers.

It's most likely either weather stripping around the windows and sunroof (if you have one). Another cause could be the windows (and/or sunroof) not fully closing and sealing outside air.

If all else fails, instead of sell the car at a loss, take that money and upgrade your stereo ;)
ishcoleobo said:
WTF??? How does your car start without the chip in the key?? Sounds like you got some ghetto rigged car.
Trix keys don't have chips!
stereo- hell no! I'll get more camera equipment:D
what's with trix ppl and cameras. They think they're all kewl now. Remeber in high school what the Photography Club poplatuion consisted of? :rolleyes: :nana:
funny boy....only nerds in high school carried cameras...get with it, it's the digital age!!! the trix is to carry all the gear!!!
ps: to CMzee...the 05 trix has a chip key and the service manager asked where mine he losing his marbles?
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