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My Old Camry, and My New Camry

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So here are some cool pics of my old 94 camry coupe I am selling and my new Camry I am fixing up. Just thought you all might appreciate some cool pics. I am still fixing up the new camry so only 1 pic so far.

I absolutely loved my old Camry and I am going to hate to see it go, but the new one is pretty sweet too. :clap:
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:welcome: to the nation, and to the Camry forums too! I think you're going to fit right in with the Camry crowd....:chug:
:welcome: to the community!

Both of your cars look great, but I must say that I'm particularly fond of your new Camry :). That colour has always been a winner in my books.

Best of luck with the sale, and enjoy the forums :chug:
Thanks guys, I wasn't sure where exactly to post this thread, but figured I was still new enough that it wouldn't hurt to post here. Glad you all like the pics.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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