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My post since I am new

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Hello all,

My name is Shawn. I live in Omaha, NE.

I drive a couple of vehicles right now. I have a 2005 Silver Scion tC that I bought about a month ago. The options that I installed are the rear spoiler, auto dimming mirror, carpeted floor mats, and I just bought the rear bumper applique to protect from scratches. This is my daily driver, so there will be no extreme go fast mods for this car.

I also have my fun car which is a 1990 Nissan 300ZXTT. Since this is my toy, I have a few mods. I have upgraded clutch, exhaust from precat back (no cats at all), sport 550 turbos, intake, Autronic ECU with traction control. I think that this is it. I have not done anything with the body as my money has went to make it fast and look stock.

I am a CAD designer for an architectural contractor here. I also design sports flooring systems, and create glass installation drawing for new construction of commercial buildings in the area.

That is me, talk with you all later.
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welcome to TN:D

sounds like youve got yourself some pretty sweet rides there man:thumbup: have you taken your 300zx to the track at all? what kinda times are you running? got any pics?
I have not had it to the track. I used to autocross with it, but that is it. I am not really into the whole drag thing. Waste of time in my opinion. I would rather do an all around handling and talent driving course. The only number that I have for it is 4.5 seconds to 60. That was timed awhile ago, and I have bigger turbos now, so hopefully that went down. I do not have any digital pics of it, but I will get some and add it to my sig. Talk with you later. Thanks for the welcome and nice to meet you also.
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