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well after two years EXACTLY we put my car in my dads shop to do some painting and after he gets done he tries to crank teh car and NOTHING, long story short, we tested the battery and it shorted :mad: , Now Rockford has a 18 month FREE replacement but after that nothing, no prorating or discounts, nothing. Yeah thats pretty ghey :thumbdown , so i was not going to pay $200 for a new deep cycle Rockford battery and i suggest yall dont either because even if you get the Red Top or the Yellow Top and it goes :thumbdown you can get a prorate and i think the Optimas have 24month warrenties.
So anyway i got a 800 or so cranking amp Duralast Gold the best AutoZone has besides the Optimas and for only $69.99 w/ a 3 year free replacement and it works great w/ my system.

To sum it all up
Rockford Fosgate Battery :thumbup: Warrenty:thumbdown :thumbdown
Optima:thumbup: Warrenty :thumbup:
Duralast Gold:thumbup: Warrenty :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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man that sucks.

something like that happened to me a few months back, alternator died, which killed my 10month old battery.

replaced the alternator, then found the battery was fried. took it in for the replacement, and they were sold out of that brand, and they wouldnt let me get another brand to replace it.

they offered me like $15 bucks off another battery, when i should have gotten one for free. but i needed a battery, so i had to do it, couldnt wait to get one in.
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