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My TPMS saga

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I've got a 2006 2wd (5 lug) tacoma.

Early in 2007, I put on a set of XRunner rims ($325.00/4)I bought off ebay. Prior to mounting the tires (255/55/18 BFG [email protected]) on the rims, I bought (4) TPMS sensors for Toyota alloy rims off ebay as well ($125/4, different seller).

Not having much experience with ebay, I checked the TPMS part numbers with my parts guy at the local Toyotas dealership prior to buying them; they checked out.

Prior to installing the sensors, I brought them to Toyota to see what numbers they needed off them to reprogram them to the computer (I was quoted $90.00 for this service). The tech told me which numbers, and I wrote them down.

Fast forward a couple months. Tires/rims have been on the truck for awhile, along with a blinking TPMS light. I bring the truck to the dealer with my TPMS numbers to reprogram, and do the tailgate TSB. The TSB goes well, the sensor reprogramming not so much. They couldn't get their 'consult' (computer) to read the new numbers. They don't charge me, but tell me to come back when I can leave the truck there for a while. Now I'm a little nervous, but it's no big deal.

Fast forward to yesterday (8 months later). I make an appointment, and drop the truck off at 7 am. Around 1 pm, they call, saying it's done.

Yay, no more blinking light.

So, basically they have about 7 hours into reprogramming the TPMS, for which they charged me $90.00. I know they had alot into it, because they dismounted all (5) tires twice(!) to write down the same numbers I provided for them, then remounted/balanced them.

I have to 'give props' to Marin Toyota, they were very accomodating/friendly/helpful.

BTW, the tires are at about 1/2 tread life, with over 16k miles on them!:D
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