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n00b tire question

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Hello all,

I dont know my way very well around trucks. I recently inherited an '84 Pickup which Ill be using as a daily driver once I get all of the problems fixed.

The truck currently has the original size tires (14's, I believe). I read in the manual that its not recommended to throw anything on the truck other than the original size. I've also heard from other people that throwing bigger tires on the truck will completely ruin the truck over time because of the extra strain.

My question is this: will it really hurt to put something like a higher twenty-inch tire (like a 29) on the truck? If so, what would I need to do to the truck to accomodate the extra wear-and-tear? I've seen some other Pickups in the area with some 31's or 33s, so I know it can be done. I'm doing this for asthetics, but the bottom line is that because this will be my daily driver, I need this truck to last awhile.

Any recommendations or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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Putting 29s or 30s shouldn't cause a problem for it.
depends on engine and gearing...bigger tires can put a strain on your truck, depending on what the stock size is...
Everything on this truck is basically stock. The wheels that are recommended in the owners manual suggests 14's, which are like the smallest tires Ive ever seen.

If I took the truck into a tire place, would they honestly give me a good idea of what I could and couldnt do? I'm only worried they wouldnt be honest, just to sell me a new set of tires.
Is this a 4x4, or a two wheel drive pickup?
Putting larger tires on the truck will most likely affect the reliability to some extent. A story went around here in Arizona a few years ago that GM refused to honor the warranties on Blazers sold to the state game and fish department because G&F put oversized tires on the trucks, which GM insisted caused subsequent transmission failures. My $.02 worth is that if you don't go too large in size and don't abuse the truck it will probably not be a serious problem. Keep in mind, your speedometer will be inaccurate unless you change the gearing to the cable. I know of a couple of cases where kids learned about that from a judge.
most tire shops won't sell u a tire that won't fit for liability issues...
My jeep came with 27" tires and I have been running 33" tires on it for a couple of years with no problems....I think your truck will be fine.
On my 2wd I have 15" wheels. i found the 205/65/15 to be closest to the factory diameter as a 14" stock tire.
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