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n00b with a 78 pickup...looking to learn

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Hey folks...just found this site today while googling for info

ME: I want to learn more about tuning and restoring and rehab'ing cars, but I'm at square one. I'm a woman in my mid-30's living in the Boston area. I work in technology, and I have a strong interesting in learning how things work and improving and/or customizing. Since interest doesnt mean experience, I'm seeking a community where I can get pointers and advice so I can take it from there. I don't personally know anyone (yet) who can do this for me in RL, I'm hoping to get some direction here :)

MINE: My partner and I own a 1978 20R pickup with 230k+ on the original engine. It was her family's car while she was growing up and we want to keep it and keep using it to the best of it's abilities (and take it beyond its current abilities of course!). Our other car is a Mk IV Jetta and I spend some time lurking on vwvortex.

MODS: well...nothing yet...but it needs just about everything in one way or another :)

Looking forward to diving in!
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Welcome to TN :D Hope you find what you're looking for.
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