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Hello all. Another fanatical Toyota owner has arrived! I am the original owner of a '93 DLX Xcab(4th Toyota), with ~182k on the odo. It has been a great truck, with the exception of having NO POWER!!!
The truck was slammed down for several years, but now that I have to use it to haul motorcycles around, it only has a slight nascar-type nose down angle. It rides on Primax 17's, and has a matching Leer shell. I recently found a wrecked SR5 Xcab, and took several interior parts; front buckets, rear flip-down seats, center console, vanity light, and several other trim items and installed them in the truck.
At this time I am busy collecting a small pile of audio equipment to put in the truck. My new amp will arrive this next week, then it's going to be fun installing and integrating everything. It now has a Kenwood Cass/10disc changer, with Excelon speakers, and I'm installing a Kgc-9044 Eq, and a 600 watt Kenwood amp.
I tried to post a pic, no go...
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