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n00bie checking in, Y0!

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n00b check in.

here's what I currently drive:

93 MR2 NA (saving for a turbo swap)
90 Camry beater-hand me down from my dad who just bought a xA. It's rusted and runs bad, but it runs and it was free.

Previous Toyota's of mine (in order of olded to newest)
89 MR2 Supercharged
92 Camry
91 MR2 Turbo
91 MR2 NA (auto-bleh!)

My dad's Toyota's:
85 Corolla GT-S (just sold it :( )
90 Camry-now mine
04 Scion xA

Mom's Toyota:
90 Corolla

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welcome to TN:cool: thats quite a colection of 2s youve had, what happened to the first 3 you owned:confused:
Young and dumb. . .got sick of them for little minor things that went wrong. . .and I just get sick of cars easily.

Here's my entire car owning collection (keep in mind that I'm only 27)

89 Iroc Z-28
89 MR2 SC
97 Eclipse GS
92 Camry
91 MR2T
97 Stratus
91 MR2 NA
02 WRX
95 Integra GS-R
93 MR2 NA
90 Camry

The MR2's and the WRX were the cars that I had the longest though. . .

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woah, at least u have a good tastes for cars. the eclipse arnt bad, mr2's r sexy...the wrx is beatufial....gsr is a good car as well.

got any pics of ur current mr2...or pics of ur previous cars?

and welcome to tn!
Welcome to TN! Im juss curious...why did you get rid of the WRX?
I bought the WRX when I was living at home and a $500 car payment(at that time) was no big deal. Then I moved out with my GF and it was a struggle everymonth paying bills, so the fast expensive car had to go. . .

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