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NA to Turbo

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I have a cherry mint 92 Toyota Mr2 N/A, it has been awsome for me- but I know my baby is grossly underpowered. I want to do a conversion from N/A to Turbo, but I want it done right- I am looking for refrences ie recommendations on who I can take it to- I tinker around, but this seem way complicated.
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in Texas? it would appear that you have the world at your feet there.

off the top of my head, i'd say check ATS Racing, Alamo (can't remember if it's Autosport or Motorsport) ... that's all i can recall, but some pretty bad-ass MR2T's come out of Texas, shouldn't be hard to find somewhere reliable.

NOTE: just keep in mind that you must research and visit these places before you commit. i've never dealt with any of them personally, nor am i associated with them, so this is not a blind endorsement.
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